Lessons & Carols

December 2019: Lessons & Carols

Lessons and Carols
For The Father McKenna Center

Please join us for an Evening of Prayer & Song
Wednesday, December 18, 7 pm

St. Aloysius Church, 900 North Capitol Street, NW
Admission Free

The Father McKenna proudly presents its 2nd annual Lessons & Carols, which brings together, in worship and celebration, the men of McKenna who struggle with homelessness, that staff who work on their behalf, and the community who supports them.

A century ago the newly appointed dean of King’s Chapel (Cambridge, England) developed a creative way for residents from Cambridge University and its local city to celebrate Christmas beyond the standard liturgy of the Church of England.  By weaving scripture with song and drawing upon a variety of participants, this service helped a country heal from the devastation of World War I, and through annual BBC broadcasts, inspire a tradition that many communities have adapted for their own Advent and Christmas celebrations.

With the support of the Jesuit Community of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, The Father McKenna Center brings together members of Jesuit and Ignatian ministries in the greater Washington, DC area, including: Gonzaga College High School, Holy Trinity Parish (Georgetown), Ignatian Volunteer Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Georgetown Jesuit Community, Georgetown Preparatory School, Georgetown University and The Father McKenna Center, along with Holy Redeemer Parish (Washington DC), Catholic University of America and Mount St. Mary’s Seminary.