For some men the path to a Better Life takes many different turns.

Drew Gavins, a 56 year-old man, dropped out of 10th grade because at the time he had a job and felt like he didn’t need to stay in school. Over the past 40 years he has held many manual labor jobs, but now he has a dream to become a nurse. In June 2018, almost […]

Dennis D.

The journey through life is full of people who make a difference.

On August 27, 2014 Dennis Dee arrived at the Father McKenna Center. He had accepted that his life had unwound in ways he could not have imagined five years before. Due to his alcoholism Dennis had lost a great career as an investment banker. He also lost so much more; his marriage dissolved, he lost […]

Syd S.

Every day the Father McKenna Center works with men who are “lost.”

Reclaiming my life – a success story For men willing to do the hard work of self-assessment and follow-through on the strategies they lay out for themselves, success is possible. Below is one such story, told by our guest, Syd. Hey Cortez: Let me tell you my story. I gave up my apartment in February […]

James W.

“Cortez said things I needed to hear.”

James Wells is another shining example of the role of the Father McKenna Center in the lives of men struggling with homelessness. After many years of struggling with homelessness, James has a new home – an apartment of his own in a senior citizen building near So Others Might Eat (SOME) on O Street, NW. […]

Little Friends For Peace

FMC Partners with Little Friends for Peace

The Father McKenna Center, for the past three years has been partnering with Little Friends for Peace, a nonprofit led by MJ Park that focuses the attention of the poor and underserved communities on Inner Peace and relieving the stress caused by conflict. The following appeared as an article in the Little Friends Winter Newsletter: […]