FMC Partners with Little Friends for Peace

Little Friends For Peace

The Father McKenna Center, for the past three years has been partnering with Little Friends for Peace, a nonprofit led by MJ Park that focuses the attention of the poor and underserved communities on Inner Peace and relieving the stress caused by conflict.

The following appeared as an article in the Little Friends Winter Newsletter:

A Yen for Zen

About 40 men shared openly about the conditions in their lives that have been making and breaking their peace during Little Friends For Peace’s fall kickoff at the Fr. McKenna Center.

This is the third year that LFFP has led peace programming in the men’s shelter, and participation has not waned. Participants were eager to identify and address the elements of their days that have caused discomfort, and they were relieved to discover and intentionally seek out daily peace-giving situations.

Thank you to MJ Park and her team for leading the 11 Am Meeting every other week and for leading the Peace Circle each Thursday morning!


We are closed Tuesday January 4th due to inclement weather.