Case Management: A Pathway to a Better Life

Each time that Cortez McDaniel or Michael Broughton sits with one of our guests for the first time, they see the potential of each man. However, it is only with the eyes of experience that they can see that potential.

Our Case Managers see with the eyes of experience and deep care for the realities of the lives of the men who come to The Father McKenna Center.

The Case Management process is one that is built on trust. Cortez has spent years building credibility among the men we serve, and Michael has quickly learned what it takes to convince the men that they are deeply cared for.

Once trust is established, either Cortez or Michael is able to work with each man to design a path for moving up the My Better Life Pyramid (see page 3).With an individually customized plan, the process allows each man to spendhis energy on taking one step after another to achieve his dreams. As Cortez says, “Trust starts when they feel the depth of our love, know theheight of our expectations, and see the level of our commitment.”