Guest Spotlight – Larry Fullmore

I Found a Beacon of Hope

Larry Fullmore is one of the most cheerful and positive guests we have had at the Center. But it was not always like this for him. A bout of depression caused Larry to lose his moorings, his connection with family and even himself. He knew he needed counseling to reclaim his life and take better care of himself and
his family. One night at a shelter, he learned about The Father McKenna Center. “Coming to the Center gave me hope, first of all,” Larry says. “Cortez’ message about staying motivated truly kept me going. But the most important thing I learned from Cortez was to be honest and truthful with myself and with everyone else. This has helped me in my life and I’ve tried to pass this along to my daughters.”

Cortez remembers working with Larry: “From the beginning I could see he wanted to be a better father and provide for his children, but his issues were tough to overcome. What made the difference was his resilience. He bounced back after every setback and was able to take another step forward. This is how he became successful and stable.”

Larry now has his own apartment and his school age daughters are able to stay with him. He is a McKenna Man and exemplifies those characteristics: honesty, humility and self-awareness. He encourages other men to come to the Center.

This is such a great program. If people would take advantage of what the Center offers, they can change their lives dramatically.