Capital Area Food Bank’s Urban Demonstration Farm Field Trip

Some of the men in our Day Program volunteered at Capital Area Food Bank’s Urban Demonstration Farm earlier this month.

Many of the men hadn’t gardened for a long time, if ever, so volunteering provided them with a new, exciting experience. They enjoyed getting outside and working with their hands – they weeded, tilled, moved compost, and even painted a table. The men also enjoyed the social aspect of their work – many of the men had long conversations with staff and other volunteers.

As our shift ended, the men sampled fruit and vegetables and with other volunteers as the farm staff showed them hot pepper plants, parasitic wasp eggs, and a bearded dragon. (The staff even let us take the rest of the fruit and vegetables home.)

Our morning volunteering at the Urban Farm was a resounding success – the men really enjoyed working outside and connecting with good company. We hope to visit again soon!”