The Father McKenna Center’s celebration of Lessons and Carols in December 2021 was unlike the first two due to COVID pandemic restrictions.  The great church of St. Al’s was empty except for musicians, readers and technicians.  It was early December when the musicians gathered – we were barely into Advent, and there were no students and no members of the Least of These Gospel Choir.

And yet, so much was the same.  The celebration was directed by the sure hand of Rev. Philip Ganir, SJ. Powerful readings about God’s love for us pouring into the world were proclaimed by members of many Jesuit and Ignatian organizations.  Songs of faith and struggle echoed in the beautiful church.  Traditional and new carols raised spirits.  This year Mr. Rawn Harbor accompanied our singers and readers.  He performed his own composition, “Psalm for Advent.”   Rawn Harbor is one of the preeminent African American Catholic liturgists and musicians in the U.S. today. A gifted pianist and composer, he is also a much sought-after workshop facilitator, speaker and liturgist.

Liminal Entertainment did a marvelous job of creating a seamless event which was then broadcast on December 21st on our Facebook Page.   You can view the event on our Facebook page.