Program Modifications

Updated 15th April 2020

The Father McKenna Center has modified its programs and services in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our response is principally guided by our commitment to our mission of service to Fr. Horace McKenna’s “flock,” and our focus is always on the safety and dignity of the people we serve. We are following the guidelines established by the DC Department of Human Services and the Stay at Home order issued by Mayor Bowser.

The Board of Directors of The Father McKenna Center has authorized us to take the steps outlined below. In these challenging times with fast-evolving information and guidelines, we have made a number of changes to our programs.  This page will be regularly reviewed, and date stamped to ensure accurate and timely information.

We continue to serve our regular Food Pantry clients, with a modified approach to ensure we balance nutrition, safety, and dignity. The Food Pantry is open from 10:45 – 11:50 Monday through Friday. Food Pantry patrons can access the pantry twice each month (every 14 days).

We are accepting new applicants to the program. Applicants must be residents of Ward 6 and should bring valid picture ID, proof of residence (lease, mortgage, utility bill), and proof of income (SNAP, Medicaid, SSI statement).

The Hypothermia Program is continuing as a 24-hour service for the men currently taking part.  We continue to provide a safe and structured environment for the men in the program, but are not accepting new applicants at this time.

  • Food Hub

We are serving as a Community Food Hub Distribution Point, in partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank.

Any DC Resident with ID can collect groceries as often as needed from our pop-up Food Hub at 900 North Capitol Street, NW, in front of St. Aloysius Church on the Campus of Gonzaga High School. We are open Monday through Thursday, 1:30 to 2:30 pm.

Grocery bags usually include:  9 – 11 canned foods (vegetables, soup, fruit), peanut butter, and dried foods (rice or pasta, beans), as well as produce when available from the CAFB.

The Day Program will be closed until further notice. The District of Columbia has closed its day shelters and the night shelters are remaining open 24/7 for residents. The city is also preparing stand-up meal stations for people who do not wish to engage with the shelter system. These measures are all designed to improve social distancing and reduce social contacts.  You can learn more about the District’s response here. 

We will not be accepting in-person volunteers until further notice.

Immersion programs have been suspended until further notice.

We appreciate your support during this challenging time.